Sunrise Estate Miniature Horses - Are we really related?The difference between a miniature and its larger cousin is usually about 60 inches tall versus 30 inches tall. They are tiny horses that are perfectly proportioned and have a wonderful disposition like the large horses. You will find Miniature Horses all over the world. They come in various colours and styles. The American Miniature Horse is a blend of many bloodlines and has become one of the most popular horses available. The mini is known as a "height breed". The American Miniature Horse Association  (AMHA) registers minis thatSunrise Estate Miniature Horses - measuring a miniature horse are 34" and under. The measurement is taken at the withers, which is the last hair of the mane. The American Miniature Horse Registry (AMHR) registers minis in two divisions: "A" Division for horses that are 34" and under; and "B" Division for horses that are 34"to 38".


One of the most commonly asked questions is What Do You Do With Them????   One thing you can do with them is make a child very happy!  Besides raising miniatures to sell, some people enjoy Sunrise Estate Miniature Horses - Enjoying a cart ride taking their minis in shows. They are very easily trained to drive and jump and can learn tricks and obstacle courses as well. We have found that you can have a horse pulling a cart in about 1/2 hour.


But, the truth be known, minis make wonderful pets and companions. They are true "Ambassadors of Good Will" participating in exhibitions, parades, fairs, and visiting old folks homes, hospitals and the like.Sunrise Estate Miniature Horses - I'll feed you something too. Their friendliness and gentle disposition makes them very attractive to people, young and old alike, who may be intimidated by, or can't handle the larger horses.


Miniatures have all the same needs and traits that large horses have. If you want to get a Miniature and you have never owned a horse before, you must learn about equine care and health. First of all you will want to have a nice home for your new pet. If you live in the country and have an existing barn, it can be easily adapted for minis. A stall 6'x8' or 8'x8' is quite adequate. Ideal Sunrise Estate Miniature Horses - a horse shelter flooring for stalls is clay, dirt, or spaced planks with the proper base underneath. If you do not have a barn a three-sided run in shelter will do nicely. We find, when given a choice, they generally like to be outside. They know to go into their shelters when the sun is too hot or the wind too cold. We are told that this type of environment is very healthy for them, rather than being stabled inside all the time as some horses are.  We feed our minis quality hay, oats, and minerals two or three times a day (depending on the season) and they have access to a salt block and fresh water at all times.  YouSunrise Estate Miniature Horses - sometimes dogs are bigger than horses! will want to groom your pet regularly so they look and feel good and have his feet tended to by a farrier every three months or so. Like most other pets, they will require vaccinations and be treated for worms on a regular basis.

Most people considering buying a horse live in the country and it is not a problem to have a few horses.  Municipalities generally base the number of horses you can have on a small acreage by the amount of waste generated, so when you consider this, you could have 6 minis to 1 average sized riding horse. Minis are becoming more and more popular and there have been a few known cases where they have been allowed to live in back yards of properties situated right in towns and large cities. In most cases, one just has to apply for a zoning variance. Clean up with the Miniature Horse is a simple matter - not a lot more than picking up after a large dog with a lot less unpleasant odor.

Sunrise Estate Miniature Horses - Aren't babies cute!

No matter what your reason for wanting and purchasing a mini horse might be, you will find they are wonderful companions and like the rest of us, you will know very quickly that you can't just have "one". How can anyone resist?  

We would be happy to have you come for a visit to talk MINIS and see all our special little friends - just give us a call.

"  Some horses come into our lives and quickly go.
Others stay a while, make hoof prints on our hearts
and we are never, never the same."


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