Why Show your Miniature Horse? 

Recognition - Getting your mare or stallion's name out so people will be interested in your bloodlines and your horses.

Publicity - Meet new people, make contacts and get your farm known by people in the industry.

Competition - It is thrilling to win a class and the achievement for your horse and farm are good advertising for your business. If one is interested in competing in a big way, there are many sanctioned shows where one can qualify for the big National Show held each Life skills - One learns competitiveness and sportsmanship - to win is exciting, but to lose and congratulate the winner builds character.

Fun - If you just want to have fun and compete with your mini, join in the shows. You are a welcome participant. 


What Show Classes are available for Minis? 

Driving: Pleasure, Roadster, Multiple Hitches (2,4,6, 8 in hand and unicorn) 
Obstacle Driving, Fine Viceroy (park horse action) 

Halter:  Weanling, Yearlings, Mares, Gelding, Stallions 

Barrel Races

Jumping: Maximum 42" jumps over 9 gate course 

Hunter: Maximum 24" jumps judged on grace and way of go

Obstacle Trail: Handling the halter horse through cones, bridges, water, jumps, etc.

Obstacle Driving: Driving over bridges, tarps, water hazards, etc. 




Costume Classes

Chuck wagon races and Miniature Horse Harness Racing is also available in some localities 

Showing is a favorite activity among Miniature Horse owners, and the best part is that just about anyone can participate. Everyone from tiny children through senior adults exhibit at shows. There are some owners that compete in motorized wheelchairs. 



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