Our Mini Story

GEORGE & MARILYN WITH KACI (IN HER WINTER COAT) George has been known to bring one of our little four legged friends in the house to meet company when it's so cold outside. Pictured here is our little Kaci in her winter fur coat.

At Sunrise Estate Miniature Horses we are dedicated to raising fine quality AMHA registered Miniature Horses.  

Our association with miniatures began back in the Fall of 1988 when a friend told George he was going to buy some Miniature Horses. After hearing that they have wonderful dispositions and are very much like dogs, and in some cases, even smaller in size, George thought they sounded pretty neat and said, "Get me Two". Little did we know how this statement would change our lives. When they arrived in December, our friend had to board them for us as it was the middle of a Manitoba winter and we did not even have a shelter! In January '89 we went to an auction and purchased an insulated semi trailer (without wheels) which had been used as an office and storage unit. We found it made an excellent barn for minis and it even had a heavy duty plank floor in it. It was quite an our first barnordeal having the trailer delivered (on massive tow trucks) as we had a lot of snow that year. Since the ground was frozen, we tied pallets together to create a fence for a corral and in March our new four legged friends came home. Needless to say our neighbours wondered what was going on at the Peter's residence. The first year we purchased a cart and harness and enjoyed driving around the neighbourhood. With the arrival of our first baby, we knew we were hooked. We lived just outside Winnipeg at that time but have since relocated South of Steinbach in a more rural setting and much better suited soil for horses.  Our herd has increased in size  with each and every one of them having  their own personality and all having a special place in our hearts. George and I are both retired now and the horses are a full-time labor of love. Working with these wonderful animals together as husband and wife and enjoying the new people we meet is truly a fulfilling experience. The little horses are so very versatile, and have so much to offer, we find we are enjoying new things about them everyday. 

One of the most exciting times of the year is Spring when our beautiful foals arrive. We feel it is important to pay careful attention to breeding horses with good conformation; but intelligence, a kind disposition, a good attitude and friendly personalities are a must also. We try to be present at all the births on our farm and have only missed a couple. After all these years we find each new birth just as exciting and awesome as the first one.

Background bloodlines include Bond Snippet, Sooner States Bit-O-Honey, J J's Little Macho, Bond Showboy, Bond Dynamo, Bond Sir Galahad, Bond Jocko, Komokos Little Husseler, Johnstons Starlight Ranger, Rowdy, Gold Melody Boy, Komokos King Tut, Bond Bulldog, Hemlock Brooks Silver Elegance, North Stars Valdez Y Basan and First Knights Sir Snippet.  

All our horses are handled and loved on a daily basis even though our herd has grown considerably (ranging anywhere from 40-50). A regular worming, vaccination, dental and hoof trimming schedule is part of our program. All foals are lead trained at a very early age.  

We generally have a variety of horses for sale. These might include horses for showing, breeding, driving or just for family pets and companions to love. Horses are reasonably and fairly priced based on conformation, size, color and pedigree. Our main goal is satisfied purchasers. New owners are given information about the care and maintenance of their choice "mini" and supplied with photos and pedigree info. It is important to us that all our horses continue to be loved, cared for, and treated with the respect they deserve, as they are on our farm. We view every sale as the beginning of a relationship with you, not the end, and are always available to answer any questions or share  knowledge and experience we have with all new owners. We want you to be happy with your new "mini" - come back for another, and bring a friend with you. 

We love raising Miniatures and hope to have the opportunity to help you get started in owning one of these delightful little horses too. Purchasing a Miniature Horse could well be the beginning of an exciting adventure that promises to give you and yours many years of enjoyment and companionship.



"We hope you'll have lots of fun,
from the rising of the sun,
until your day is done."
We do!


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