There are many different versions as to where the miniature horse originated. There is evidence that small horses existed as early as 600 A.D.  Celtic carvings from before the Norse invasions (800 A.D.) clearly show very small horses. However, the first written articles were found in England in 1765. These articles mentioned a tiny black stallion measuring only 30 inches and a little mare only 28 inches high. It is believed that these little horses were then being bred as playmates for the rich and royal. The oldest breed of miniature horses is the Falabella, which originated in Argentina, where the Falabella family began selectively breeding small horses in the 1860's. Only small South American horses were used and no pony blood was ever introduced. Thus, the Falabella breed is noted for its excellent conformation, intelligence and manner. The Guiness Book of Records refers the Falabella as the smallest breed of horses in the world.


These small horses were also bred to work in the English and Dutch mines and brought into this country during the 19thcentury to work in the Appalachian coal mines as late as 1950. In the past decade, several breeders have imported miniature horses from England, Holland, Belgium and West Germany.


Look back at our struggle for freedom,
Trace our present day's strength to its source:
And you'll find that man's pathway to glory,
Is laden with tales of the importance of the horse.





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