Adults weigh 150-250 lbs. 

Foals weigh about 15-25 lbs and range from 16-21" in height at birth. The birth of a foal is without a doubt an awesome experience. 

It is said, "A bale of hay lasts a mini a month."  

All health and care habits are the same for a mini as it is for any full size horse, except portions are smaller. 

Clean up duty involves much less work.

Hoof care is important to maintain just as it is with big horses, except they do not wear shoes. 

The adult driving horse can pull up to 10 times their weight. 

An average mini can easily pull two adults in a cart for ten miles or so. 

Driving is done in easy entry carts where 2 adults can ride comfortably, small wagons, race carts or race bikes like the Trotters and Pacers use, pleasure show carts and wooden wheeled country pleasure carts. 

Minis are very intelligent, athletic, train easily and very willing to try new things. 

Extremely compassionate horses. 

Shows are geared for all members of the family, from Youth 7 and under classes to the Golden Showmanship for the 60+ participants. 

Minis are strong, healthy, very resilient animals. They build strong bonds with owners and take possession of their hearts! 

Miniatures have been known to live well into their thirties and have babies well into their twenties. 

It is a well-known fact amongst miniature horse owners that there is no such thing as having only one mini. They are like eating potato chips, hard to stop with only one.



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