This is one of the most important parts of the horse.


The person you call to look after your horse feet is called a farrier. These people are trained to give simple trims, corrective trims, and to shoe horses. Miniature Horses go barefoot. In other words, we do not shoe a mini since their hooves are so small and cannot accommodate horse shoes.

When horse hooves are trimmed, excess hoof wall is removed to allow the horse a natural way of going.  Sometimes trimming may be done in a specialized fashion to alter the way of going, or change the appearance of the horse's feet and legs.  Trimming should leave the foot's ground surface on a single flat plane at right angles to its bone support column and preserve natural angulations of the hoof/pastern/shoulder axes.  Removal of too much hoof wall causes the horse to be sore and removal of too little wall may cause angle and balance problems before another trimming is scheduled.  Average trimming is 6 to 8 weeks but may extend to 9 weeks, depending upon hoof growth. Hoof growth is often influenced by the weather.

It is important to check your minis feet for stones or other debris and clean them with a hoof pick regularly, especially if you have been driving them on a gravel road.

In simplified terms, trimming a horse is much like giving a human a manicure. Just like a manicure, a horse does not feel the trimming.  A "hoof pick" is used to clean debris and buildup of dirt out of the hoof. A special knife is then used to cut away and trim the sole and frog. After that is cleaned out a "nipper" is used to clip a little off the hoof wall . A "rasp" or "file" is then used to even off the hoof all around the bottom of it. Too much hoof cannot be taken off at any one trimming so it is advisable to have the hooves done regularly to avoid having them grow too long.


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