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We proudly present...
The Foals of Sunrise Estate


We are looking forward to new additions expected in 2019. Stay tuned.

"It's the Little Things that count"



Personality, Performance and Pedigree all add up to Quality. Ask anyone who has purchased one.......A Sunrise Mini is SPECIAL!

Miniature horses are addictive! They are so adorable and loving, with a very gentle and affectionate nature. They are easy to care for and take up very little space. Drive them, show them, breed them or just enjoy them as pets. Come talk with us and share our enthusiasm while you learn more about these precious little horses!

A number of our foals will be available for sale. Foals are weaned around four months of age and are available for purchase at that time.

If you look on our Mare pages, you will see which stallions we have bred our mares to, so if you happen to see a combination that would appeal to you, let us know and we will contact you when the foal is born.


"  The smallest acts of love leave smiles in our hearts all year long"
"  These darling little horses add sunshine to our hearts every day"
Marilyn and George Peters

Horses For Sale at Sunrise Estate Miniature Horses


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