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February 2003

My goodness, I don't know where the time goes. It is hard to believe we are well into the New Year already. Before we know it, we will be on foal watch again (but that's so exciting we won't complain)

Seems the weather has been very strange everywhere in the world. When we see some of the terrible disasters that have, and are happening in various areas, we accept some of our own crazy weather,  knowing it could be worse. We have been having a real cold snap lately, with temperatures staying around -35 to -40 degrees Celsius with the wind chills. Seems records are there to be broken and we have done that a number of times in the past few months. Good job nature provides our little ones with such thick fur coats. It is obvious they don't mind the extra bulk and the fact that they look like little buffalo when we see them frolicking in the snow.

We are expecting our first foals around the end of March or early April this year. It is always exciting to have new arrivals, especially when you have bred new combinations. I will keep you posted as the babies arrive.

George is having another birthday, so I decided to surprise him this year with a couple of new "ladies".  HE WAS SURPRISED! We welcome Gem Star and Joon to our farm. You can meet the two new gals on our mare pages. I will post updated pictures when the weather gets warmer and they can be clipped. 

Well here it is April already which has finally brought some nicer weather to our part of the country. On April Fools Day one never knows quite what to expect, right??? Well we got our first foal of the year and what a nice guy he is. Check out our foal page for details.

We had a visitor come along one older Golden Retriever  who appears to have arthritis and was possibly hit by a car not too long ago judging from hair missing on her hind quarters.  We advertised her in all the media as a found dog but we did not receive one call. Obviously nobody is looking for her. She is a very friendly girl who appears to be quite at home here. Since she came on our Anniversary we call her Annie as in Orphan Annie. George bought a big container of Glucosomine which we feed her daily to try and help her along with her aches and pains. I guess we now have another dog. We are happy to give her a home.

A number of cases of West Nile Virus were reported in Manitoba last year and they expect it may be even worse this year. We had the vet out to give all our horses their shots. One can't be too careful when something like this comes along.

The weather is now quite nice so we started to clip a few horses. It is so nice to see them looking like "horses" again. It is always a surprise to find some of them seem to have changed their colour over winter. I wonder how many people have to change the colour on the registration papers when they send the photos for their permanent papers???? 

We have been waiting and watching  two maiden mares to foal and it seems nobody told them they should be having their babies at 11 months. Both are almost at 12 months. In the mean time we have had two more very nice colts from mares who did watch the calendar.

Finally today, one of the maiden mares had a very refined little colt (day 356) This brings our total to date to 4 boys. Check these guys out on the foals page. Hopefully the other maiden mare who is now at day 359 will get the idea since the stalls all around her have Moms and babies.

Sorry for being so lax in reporting....Unfortunately we lost a filly foal but have since had another nice little colt and a very sweet little filly.  3 to go....

We took a mare and foal to our local Museum "Spring on the Farm" on Victoria day. This little baby (Peanut), who was only 11 days old at the time, was just a doll. He was petted and hugged by many. It is so nice to see all the smiles that minis put on the faces of all.

A Day Care with many children and adults came for their annual visit on was so nice the sun came out while they were here. These little tykes love the minis and as usual we had some new baby kittens for them to cuddle too. Annie loves kids so she also provided and received many kisses.

We are very waterlogged here in our area. We have received about 4 inches of rain in the past week. I know the farmers need moisture but I do hope the tap gets turned off soon.

May 31st brought us a beautiful little palomino filly, a mirror image of her daddy.

Well here it is July. It's been so long I can hardly remember what all has happened around here....we are always so busy it seems.

Peanut and Mom, Ketreina, along with Elmo (our Schnoodle),  had their regular visit to the old folks home for their Father's Day celebration. As usual, they were all cuddled and enjoyed by everyone. The old folks just thrive on our pets visits. 

This past week we were off again, this time to a Retirement Village for a western party. There were over a hundred people attending this event and most had never seen a miniature horse let alone being able to handle them. They were just thrilled and many pictures were taken. Our little Peanut steals the show and just loves all the attention he receives from everyone. 

Aside from our visiting elsewhere, we have almost daily visits at the farm. It will be interesting to tally the numbers one of these days.

Our two oldest Grandsons are coming for holidays shortly. It will be fun to go in our local parade with them and the horses. I know we will be very busy with many other events as well as we try to see and do a lot while they are here. Mommy and the twins will be coming for some of the time too so we will have fun.

We have two mares to foal yet. I will keep you posted.....

Boys with the Best Horse Trophy in Pioneer Days ParadeWe were excited when all our Grandchildren came for their summer visit. While the boys were here, the two oldest joined us in the big Pioneer Days Parade in Steinbach. (we didn't think the twins would last for 2 hours as they are only 11 months) We were delighted to find we had won a lovely big trophy for the Best Horse Entry.

One of our late season mares had her baby, but unfortunately it was breach and we were not able to save it. It is always so sad for the Mom to not have her little one with her after carrying it for 11 months. Hopefully all will go well with the next one which is due in a few weeks. 

Well, the big day finally arrived...our Shami gave birth to a beautiful little silver filly. All went well and Mother and Baby are doing just fine. 

To be continued.......

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