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We have sure had a dreadful winter 2013/1014. It has been one of the coldest on records here in Manitoba and would you believe it is still miserable and the calendar is saying it is spring! Along with the cold, we got a lot of snow. We had a disaster a few weeks ago...our big white shed collapsed from the snow load, and to make it even worse, we were told by our insurance company that they do not cover "snow load". We experienced other damage to contents as well. Oh well, life goes on and we will make some decisions, do lots of cleaning up,  and carry on. George certainly will have a busy summer! We are very thankful that George was not in there when it went down.....

Because we must cut down our herd size, the decision was once again made to not breed any mares in 2013, consequently, no babies in 2014. How sad it is to not have the excitement and joy we always looked forward to and were used to experiencing every spring and summer. Thanks to those who have purchased some of our horses for sharing the pictures and excitement of their new little ones every spring. It helps!!

Two of our little girls left this morning on their journey to their new home in Alberta. It is always hard to say goodbye but we know they are going to get lots of attention and love from their new owners.

We are looking forward to summer activities soon....Will this snow ever go away?





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