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My goodness, we have had such a busy year that I have not been posting anything on Farm News this year.....sorry.
Because we must cut down on our herd size, the decision was made to not breed any mares in 2012, consequently, no babies in 2013. How sad it was to not have the excitement and joy we looked forward to and were used to experiencing every spring and summer.

George summed it us like this:
After 24 years, we regrettably must reduce our herd significantly.
Our first step was to not further increase the numbers this spring, and accordingly, this is the first year that we will not be having any foals, which was always the highlight of our "mini" years.

One of the more difficult aspects will be letting go of all those "keepers" that were never for sale.
- The wonderful mare that delivered exquisite foals every year
- The mare whose corral gate required special attention, as she would learn to open every "simple for us" gate closure mechanism
- The mare that makes her annual visits to the nursing home (inside or out) and will quietly allow herself to be petted and kissed, or just put her head on the senior's laps
- The majestic white stallion who would "wow" the office girls as he paraded through offices and staff rooms
- The ones that are always the first to greet you when entering their corrals and are happy with a little "ear rub".
- The broodmare that gives small children rides in a very gentle and quiet manner
- The boys that go in the big annual parade and provide cart and sleigh rides for the grandchildren
- Those special girls that are the offspring of our first quality mare and continue to pass on their fine pedigree

Our second step now is to find new loving homes for our family members. As all mini owners know, our little horses provide us with many priceless memories that will be with us forever.

A number of our little ones have gone to new homes this year. They are all special and we know their new owners will love and appreciate them as we have.

We have been enjoying beautiful weather in Manitoba this year and we've taken advantage of that weather and done lots of yard "stuff". We've also been blessed with lots of company, family and friends all summer and fall.

George has the barn full of hay and tells me he is ready for another winter


"Home is where the Herd is..."


"Dog lovers hate to clean out kennels ... 
Horse lovers like cleaning stables."



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