The mild weather we have been experiencing since last fall has continued right through until mid January. This will certainly shorten the winter here in Manitoba. We have broken a few more records as well. I love it and I'm sure the horses think this is quite alright too. Of course they have their fluffy fur coats on so they stay warm regardless of the weather. The last few days have been very cold so George goes out around midnight and gives them an extra meal as that generates extra heat for them.

We are looking forward to the new arrivals in Spring. George has felt a number of kickers already so that is always exciting.

We have been very busy with many things so I'll use that as my excuse for not keeping our farm news up to date.

One of our mares developed an Enterolith in the large intestine and even though the vet did a lot of testing and various treatments, we were not able to save her. This would be similar to a human developing a very large gall stone. Of course we were devastated to lose one of our little friends.

We have continued to have wonderful weather and now have 5 new arrivals on the farm. They are all so wonderful! You can see them on our Foal Page.

One of our Mares and her foal have gone to a new home to bring much joy to another family. We will miss them.

We had another little filly, and is she ever a tiny little lass. Check her out on the foal page. Her name is Trixie.

We want to congratulate the Maxwell family in Ontario on the arrival of Candi's foal. They were very surprised to wake up to "3" minis one morning. We told them she had been exposed to a stallion but being newbies, they just thought Candi had gained some weight...What a wonderful surprise they got.

I apologize for not keep up with the new at our farm. We had a great summer. The weather was very warm, but not muggy. Had lots of company....life is good. The horses as usual are a joy.

Fall was also very nice but before we knew it winter arrived. All in all, 2012 was a very busy year.



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