Another new year...where does the time go. We have been experiencing a mixed bag of weather. We have had extremely cold and also some very nice mild days for a Manitoba winter.

We enjoyed having family here over the Christmas holidays...fun was had by all. Too bad it was very cold most days but it warmed up for a couple of days allowing the boys to have some outside fun too.

The horses have a very nice warm coat so the cold weather is not a problem for them. We are always amazed on a sunny day to put your hands on the darker colored horses and feel the heat...

Buster continues to be the horses "very best friend". When George comes in for coffee or a meal Buster waits for him at the door for quite awhile then gets bored and goes and romps with last year's babies. They have so much fun together. I don't think he knows that he isn't a horse!

George has felt "kicking" in a number of mares lately so that is exciting. We look forward to Spring when the babies start to arrive. Watch our foals page for the new arrivals.

We have had two wonderful little foals so far in April...a filly and a colt. Check them out. We have also been busy with our 2011 maple syrup production. The weather has been different this year and far from ideal but all in all we will enjoy what we got.

Two of our boys have gone to live with the Hamstra family in Landmark. They are enjoying them and are planning on getting a cart soon to proceed with driving.

One of our mares and her foal have gone to Murillo, Ontario to live with the Maxwell family. We are told that they have adjusted nicely to their new home and getting lots of attention.

We have gone from one extreme to another with the weather. It was so very wet in the spring and now we are experiencing a very hot summer. It is a challenge keeping our greenery alive with all the 30+ days. We are not used to that kind of heat for such a long stretch! We won't complain though as many have had severe flooding in our Province.

All our babies are doing well. We have two late foals coming this year and one arrived today. Oh my he is small. We get used to seeing the 3 and 4 month babies and they have grown so much already. We forget how tiny a new born foal can be.

We had our two youngest grandsons (the twins) here for a visit. While they were here our Fluffy had 5 kittens, Tutsi had her foal, baby wrens have hatched on our patio and let us know they arrived with their loud chattering and a stray cat showed up. Hopefully we will find the owners as it is a very friendly little guy and I'm sure he is missed by some little boy or girl.

We also participated in the Pioneer Days Parade and the boys did very well with their first driving expedition.

There is never a dull moment here....wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Our weather has continued to be very warm and very dry conditions. Any rain predicted has somehow missed us so we have had to "water" the garden to keep things going.

Unfortunately with all our good times we sometimes have bad/sad times. We lost our little Lady Kate to a  perforated gastric ulcer. We are heartbroken as she was one very special little girl.

Fluffy had five sweet little kittens this summer. One has gone to a new home but we still have four here to enjoy. They are just so cute. Buster has a second house in his kennel area and these little duffers moved in there on their own. Everyone loves Buster!

The leaves are all pretty much off the trees and most yard things are done for another year. It has really cooled off this past week so I guess the horses are getting furry for a reason. I expect winter is not too far off. Since I am not a "winter" person I am already thinking about what I want to do next Spring and looking forward to new little ones.

We are enjoying very mild weather and breaking many old records with our above normal temps. It is hard to believe it is December when you look out and still see grass poking though the small amount of snow we have received.

As we say goodbye to 2011 we reflect on all our blessings. It has been another great year that we will remember with fondness. We still enjoy good health and enjoy the time spent with family, friends, and all our little horses and other pets. We wish you all the very best in 2012.



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