We have had such different from normal weather this past year. Our winter was great. Spring seemed to start in March. It was strange to be able to do yard clean up so early, but I must say, I like it. I hope this is a trend that continues.

Our Buster (outdoor dog) has continued to grow and at two years of age is a very big boy. He is a friendly guy and very sociable. He enjoys his time with George, the horses and the cats. Of course he is my pal when I am outside too, I'm just not out there as much as George.

We had our family here for a few days the end of March. The twins (now 7) were in a Hockey Tournament here in Steinbach. We very much enjoyed seeing the little guys play hockey as we don't get to see their games too often since they live so far away. They had a great series and won Gold. Yes!!! Did I say we were proud Grandparents?.....All four grandsons play hockey and have now hung up the skates for another season. Now starts the baseball, soccer and football.

Spring is the most exciting time for us. Our 2010 foals have started to arrive. So far we have four fillies and one little colt. You can check them out on our Foal Page.

We are getting high speed internet soon so that is very exciting. Anyone who has, or has had dial up can appreciate why I am excited!!! The tower is now up so should be up and running in a week.

Congratulations to the Friesen family on the safe arrival of Edie's beautiful little filly...what a sweetie she is.

We thought we were only having 10 foals but now find there is another one expected in August....What a nice surprise. All the foals are a true delight. Since we have had so much rain, they have discovered they can get pretty dirty rolling in the mud. Fortunately they don't stay dirty long.

We have joined the world of high speed internet now and are certainly enjoying the new experience. We had no idea how much we were missing. We are in an area that had no service available and we want to say a big thank you to Nolimits Internet Solutions for making this possible.

We have had a very interesting summer so far in regards to the weather. Tornado type winds hit the area and caused a lot of damage a few miles from us. We were very fortunate...the only thing we had to contend with was being without power for 17 hours due to 11 hydro poles being snapped off in the wind.

Some of our horses have gone to new homes this summer. Gosh, we have a lot of horses but still miss them when they leave. Funny how these little ones become a part of your family so quickly.

Right now our two youngest grandchildren, Brock and Craig, the 7 year old twins are visiting. We enjoy them so much. Jason joined us for a week as well and then the rest of the family over the long weekend. A very special time to have them all here.

Friends from Alberta came for a week. We sure enjoyed their company and found the time went too quick.

We had a Pony visitor for 10 days. Could not find the owners after much advertising so had to have the RM take over the search. He was only gone from our place a few days when we found out where he belonged so the story had a happy ending after all.



We each took a cart, with an additional horse tied to each cart, in the Pioneer Day Parade. (2 geldings and 2 stallions). All are sorrels and the same size. We were surprised and pleased to be awarded the Best Equestrian Entry award.






Tutsi delivered a beautiful foal on Aug. 5th (our last 2010 baby).  You forget how small they are when they are born when you are used to being with the 3 and 4 month foals. You can check "King" out on the foal page.


We have said goodbye to a number of our little ones that have gone to new homes in the past months. We will miss them all but know each and every one of them will get lots of attention and love from their new owners.


Winter was late coming to southern Manitoba this fall but it has certainly arrived now.... We have received a lot of snow and it is looking very pretty out there these days. It is fun to watch the new foals and kittens experience their first snow. (I think they are enjoying it more than me, lol)


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