It has been a very long, cold winter in Manitoba this year. I don't recall ever having such severe weather before. I think we are going to go directly from Winter to Summer at the rate we are going. We are fortunate that we do not live close to a river and are on high land because Manitoba is having severe flooding right now. Many people have lost their homes and others have encountered much damage from the water and ice jams. We went to the Morris area this week on a rescue mission to pick up a couple of minis belonging to friends in the flood zone. I have never seen anything like it ....water as far as you can see. I heard today the water is starting to drop a bit so hopefully that is the case and these poor people can relax a bit. I can't imagine the stress they must be encountering.

On a brighter note, our 2009 foals have started to arrive. So far we have had two little sorrel colts and one palomino filly. They were all text book deliveries and everyone is doing fine. It is such a joy to see the little ones bouncing around and enjoying themselves. We have a week or so break now before the next foals are due. I will keep you posted.

Buster and MarilynOur dog Buster is a year old now and as expected, he is a very big boy. George enjoys his company while out and about the farm. We are so pleased that he stays home and has not ventured off the yard. He happily goes in his kennel when George is not outside.

Woke up to a white cover on the ground again...is this stuff ever going to quit? Fortunately it did not last long but the weather is sure cool for this time of year. We certainly deserve a nice summer this year.

Well I must apologize. I usually keep things up to date here but have fallen behind. Actually I am enjoying our long awaited summer!

All our foals have arrived now and all are beautiful. We had 8 little colts and 3 fillies. They can be seen on our Foal Page. I will try to keep the pictures current as they grow.

George is always kept busy with the herd and the yard and garden keeps me busy. This year we put a pond in our back yard so we have spent a lot of enjoyable time there getting it just the way we want it. We love the sound of the waterfall and the fact that it attracts the birds. We have had a lot of birds this year...many different ones. I think George counted 15 different ones on our front lawn one day. We go through lots of sunflower seeds. We have been lucky in the mosquito department the last few years but they are around this year. I hope they are just passing through and don't stay too long.

We are looking forward to our Grandkids coming next month...that is always a joy. The summer just goes so quickly and before we know it they will be back in school again. We sure wish they lived closer.....I must update their pictures as they are growing up so fast too.

Hopefully it will not be as long before I report back here....hope you all have a great summer.

I have been very lax with getting farm news on here...sorry. Our summer flew by quickly. We have had very strange weather all year, and didn't really get summer weather until September. October has brought snow much earlier than usual so I think we are in for a long winter!

Our little blind mare has gone to Thunder Bay to live at the Dunfield farm. Darlene already has a blind mare so we know our girl has gone to a loving home and will get lots of care and attention. Thank you Darlene...you are a special lady.

Sunrise Estates Edie has gone to a new home. We are pleased she will be close so we can still visit her. Congratulations to the Friesens of Steinbach.

We have certainly had a year to remember weather wise. Many records have been broken (not always in a good way). The month of November was unbelievable. We enjoyed temperatures comparable to what we usually have in October. It will make the winter so much shorter with having that extra month of no snow and cold.

 We had to say goodbye to our very special stallion today due to an inoperable tumour. Thunder played an important role in our farm's breeding program and has produced some outstanding offspring. We look forward to 2010 when hopefully his last foal will come into the world safe and sound.



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