Well here we are in another New Year. So far we have been having very mild weather for January.  We also got snow much later than usual which will make the winter seem shorter. What a treat that is!

George has felt a lot of foal movement in the mares so that makes us wish away the months. It is always so exciting once the little ones start to arrive. Our first foals are due late March this year. I will post the news here and on the foal page as they arrive.

Two of our girls,  Sheer Elegance (Ellie) and Shami, moved to Thunder Bay, Ontario in March. We will miss them both very much. We will be excited to hear the news when Shami has her foal in May.

It has been a very cold spring here so needless to say we are anxiously awaiting some warm weather.

Mid April the weather warmed up enough for George to tap our Maple trees. We are presently cooking up our 2008 Maple Syrup, it's soooo good!

We have had a few unfortunate losses but on April 11th the excitement started. We had 4 fillies born within 24 hours. I will post pictures as soon as I can on the foal page.

April 17th...a nice little boy arrived...so nice the weather is starting to warm up so the babies and moms can get out and stretch their legs.

Well we had a cold week here in Manitoba and even got a good smattering of snow...end of April, imagine!

April 28th and our Sweetheart gave us another of her wonderful little boys. He was up and about very quickly...a very nice little guy.

We have had a number of horses going to new homes this spring. We will miss them all but are so happy to see them go to such wonderful homes.

Congratulations to Darlene Dunfield in Thunder Bay, Ontario. We received an email today with pictures of the nice little filly Shami delivered for her early this morning.

We are finally getting some Spring weather...lots to do around the farm.

I was out of town and very excited when George sent me an email of our newest little boy born on May 20th. What a looker he is.

The weather has been nice lately, allowing us to get a start on all the summer jobs. We always like to get the horses clipped to see what they look like again after all that winter hair. We have had two tornados touch down within 16 miles of our place...This is quite unusual for MB and I hope it is not going to happen regularly and be part of the changing weather patterns we are all experiencing around the world.

We have been watching and waiting for Ketreina to have her foal and boy oh boy it was worth the wait. She gave birth to a very nice boy on May 29th. You can see pictures of these last two boys on the Foal Page. To date we have had 4 fillies and 4 colts.....3 more to go (around the end of June).

June 11th produced a lot of rain, thunder and lightning. George had brought the three pregnant mares into the foaling barn...just in case. What a lovely surprise we got...Tiffany gave birth to a lovely palomino pinto at 10:45 p.m. and then Donna, not to be outdone, gave birth to another palomino pinto around 3:00 a.m. They are both beauties. Check them out.

June 20th....We had our last foal for this season and what a nice little guy. Tut and Prime Time produced a very refined sorrel colt...He can be seen on the foal page.

The weather has finally smartened up and brought us some warmer temps and also some needed rain. We, as well as the garden is enjoying the change.

Buster - May 2008


About a month ago we got a little visitor at our farm. We have tried to find where he came from but obviously nobody is looking for him. Perhaps he was dropped off. At any rate he has won our hearts and we are happy to welcome him to our family. We think he is a golden retriever pup. He has grown a lot already but this picture was taken shortly after he arrived. We have named him Buster.


We have had a busy summer. The weather has been beautiful and we have been fortunate to have had three of our four grandchildren spend time with us. Pictured here are the twins Craig and Brock with Jason and Buster. Buster has grown a lot already. We think he is going to be a very big boy! Grandpa has given many tractor and trailer rides this summer.


We enjoyed lots of rhubarb and raspberries and now the garden is starting to produce some delicious veggies. We have been waiting for our tomatoes to ripen and it looks like we'll get our first taste this week. Usually the deer help themselves to my garden before I do but so far they haven't done too much damage and we actually got some beets and beans this year.



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