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George and I rarely get sick but unfortunately we both got the flu and then bronchitis... It is lingering much too long.

Three of our horses moved to new homes in Saskatchewan mid January. Congratulations to Donna and Ken on their purchase of April Treasure and Bill and Elaine on their purchase of Whitey and Dixie. We know they will get lots of love and attention. We'll miss you guys!

I'm afraid this winter is much different from last year. It is, and has been, so cold for many weeks now. Can't wait for things to warm up a bit. We were fortunate over the Christmas season though...Grandpa got to play outside a lot with the Grandsons. Many sleigh rides were had and other neat outside adventures were mustered up.

February 9th...sad morning. George found a beautiful little foal in the pasture this morning. It arrived a couple of months too early...It is always so sad when these things happen...sad for us and sad for the mare.


February 10th....another very sad morning on our farm. Our Annie (Golden Retriever) did not wake up this morning. She was very old already (we figure 15/16) but I guess one is never quite ready to say goodbye to our beloved pets. We will miss her so much.


February 22nd...Gosh, they say things happen in 3's. We lost another little foal this morning. It also arrived too early. Needless to say this was another very sad day for us.

Brandi blessed us with an adorable little filly on February 26th. A nice little red and white pinto. What a going concern she is...keeping Brandi very busy. You can check her out on the foal page.

We have been having winter type weather here this spring. Sure hope we get into the normal temperature range soon...Winter was long enough this year!

We got a lovely Easter present this year. Reva had a small, charming little filly on April 7th. This gal came out kicking and raring to go. I will get a picture posted on the foal page asap

April 9th, Autumn had a very nice little boy. You can meet him on our foal page.

April 14th started out wonderful. Sweetheart had a beautiful little tri color filly at 1:00 a.m. Mom and baby doing well.

April 19th - Tiffany delivered a lovely little red and white filly. All went like clock work. This little girl is exceptional...see her on our foal page.

April 22nd - Tut surprised us with a very nice little colt this morning. He is light colored right now but we expect he will be a bay like his dam.

April 25th - Shadow gave us a beautiful refined little filly tonight. I will try and get a picture posted in the next day or so.

We are expecting two more foals in the next months so there will be more exciting times on our farm....I'll keep you posted.

May 1st - We lost our wonderful little Elmo today.  He was the perfect little house dog who greeted all to our home. He will be missed so terribly much. He can be seen on our Sunrise Gardens page.

May 16th -Our little Gold Dust had her first foal today...looks like she will be small and a silver bay just like her dam. Visit our Foal page to see this delightful little girl.

Due to downsizing we were given the opportunity to acquire Candi and her foal (our breeding to Rocky). Thank you Monica...they are a welcome addition to our herd.

We have been experiencing very turbulent weather in Southern Manitoba the past few days. A number of tornadoes have hit down and caused a lot of devastation. We are fortunate that they have not been too close to us. We have had a lot of rain and winds so we are looking forward to some sun....soon! All the rain has saturated the ground and since it has nowhere to go the standing water makes excellent breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Hopefully they do not last long.

June 24th - Lady Ketreina started our day off with the birth of a handsome little colt. He is an absolute delight to watch as he scampers around. This is the last foal we are expecting for 2007 and we are delighted with all of them.

I am sorry I have been so lax with updates. We have had a busy summer and fall. Judging by the lovely coats on the horses, we may just be in for a cold winter.

George has felt a number of foals kicking already so needless to say we are already looking forward to Spring.



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