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Well, another year is upon us. We have been enjoying milder than usual weather here in Manitoba...which is certainly nice in some respects. However, it does become a concern when it gets mild enough to melt, creating ice in the corrals for the horses and also icy condition for anyone traveling on the roads and highways.

We are enjoying watching the little ones frolic in the, do they run...from the barn to the far end of the pasture and back many times non stop. They seem to take turns being the leader. This in turn gets the horses in the next corral going so it is fun to watch them getting their exercise.

Jason giving the twins a sleigh rideThe family was here between Christmas and New Years so Grandpa and the Grandchildren had Lightening hooked up to the little sleigh. Jason gave the twins many trips around the yard. Jason spent a few weeks with us in the summer and drove Duke and Scooter with the wagon too. He is becoming a real little horseman. It was wonderful to have the mild weather while they were here to be able to enjoy the outdoor play.

George has been feeling many babies kicking for the last month or so which reminds us that Spring and Foaling Season is just around the corner. We always look forward to our new arrivals!!

Today is the first day of Spring. It is still pretty chilly since we are encountering below normal temperatures here in Manitoba.

Tut gave us a lovely filly on March 18th. She is a very healthy, lively girl....It will be nice when we can let them outside where she will be able to really kick up her heels. We have a couple of weeks before the next foals are due. Hopefully the snow will melt soon and the temperatures will be nicer when the next babies arrive. I will keep you informed and try to get pictures on the foal page as they arrive.

Wow, spring is here...beautiful weather. It is always so nice to see the snow go for another year. Unlike other parts of Manitoba we are very lucky and the spring thaw went very quickly and the corrals dried faster than usual. I have really enjoyed getting out in the yard and doing the spring clean up this year.

We are so sorry to say we lost a beautiful little filly on the 2nd. Mom had a difficult birth and the little one was just deprived of oxygen too long. On a happy note though, Brandi had a tiny little colt this morning. He is adorable and bouncing around the stall already. I will post a picture on the foal page shortly.

The barn is a busy place had two more foals a couple of hours apart (but different days) on the 11th and 12th. We now have a total of four precious little ones in the barn. We have more coming any day.....

Ketreina's boy arrived tonight (17th). What a handsome boy...a beautiful sorrel just like his Mom.

We were sure busy tonight (April 22nd). One of the mares went into labour so we were with her in the barn. She delivered a very nice black & white pinto colt. George heard something just outside so he opened the barn door and there stood a little girl who we figure must have been born at pretty much the exact time. George had planned on putting that mare in the barn the next day to start watching, lol. She surprised us, big time!

Well it was sure worth while getting up in the middle of the night with Honey. She gave us a beautiful red and white colt. Check him out on the foal page.

April 29th - Dusty had her little boy today...a nice little bay colt.

May 1st - What a way to start off the month. Autumn Joy, a maiden mare, had a beautiful Lightening colt. This little boy is a palomino just like his Daddy.

May 9th - Reva didn't waste anytime delivering this little "Rock Star". We saw her lay down, we ran to the barn (which is close) and he was already born and looking up at us. All went very well.

We are expecting 4 more foals in July/August so stay tuned!

Spring on the Farm - Steinbach MuseumWe have experienced a wonderful summer so far...great weather and lot of fun things to do. Two of our minis delighted a lot of people with their visits. Angel and Rosie attended a summer fair close to Winnipeg, Spring on the Farm at the Museum in Steinbach and a seniors home in Winnipeg. Unfortunately we had to miss a few events because of previous commitments.

Our two foals expected in July arrived in June... early. Both are very strong and were kicking up their heels in no time. You can meet them on the foal page.

Unfortunately we lost one of our August foals July 5th. It is always sad when this happens but these things do happen occasionally.

Some of the Red Hat Ladies on farm tour


Today we had a Red Hat group come for a farm tour. We have been having beautiful weather here so it was nice that it continued for their visit. The ladies looked great and a good time was had by all. Pictured here are a few of the ladies admiring our little OT.


We rarely have the opportunity to go to horse shows due to our schedule at home but this year we attended the Manitoba Stampede Miniature Horse Show. We were very pleased with how our six horses made out. A good time was had by all.

The heat wave is continuing here in SE Manitoba. We have never encountered such a long stretch of HOT weather with next to no rain. The sprinklers are getting a lot of action to keep the gardens and lawns alive!

Things have cooled down a bit and the weather is actually just right. We are enjoying lots of produce from the garden so the watering was well worth it.

We had our last 2006 foal last night (Aug 17th), Cassy, a maiden mare,  had a tiny little filly. All went well...We are not sure of her color right now since we have never had one with this coloring before. You can see Baby on the foal page.


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