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The season of cold hands & warm hearts is once again upon us. We wish each and every one of you all the best in 2005.  Of course once the new calendar is put up we start to get excited because we know, with the way time flies around here, that it will soon be March when we anticipate our first foals of the New Year.

Three of our little ones made their very long journey to Europe and arrived at their new home in Belgium on January 10, 2005. We are so happy that they arrived safe and sound and are now frolicking on green grass in their new Country. It must have sure felt good to stretch those legs after such a long trip (approximately 30 hours in the last stretch). They went equipped with Canadian fur coats on so may find it a little bit warm since Belgium appears to be having warmer than usual weather. We thank the Veldhuis family for welcoming three more of our "Sunrise Specials". It makes it just a little bit easier to part with this trio when we know they are going to get lots of love and attention at your home.

We have had a lot of snow and cold weather so far this year but if one is dressed properly, it can be very enjoyable. We got a new sleigh so George and Gypsy have been doing some carting. I personally look forward to Spring. That is probably one of my favorite Seasons...when everything comes alive once more. As I mentioned above, our first 4 foals are expected around the end of March so I will keep you posted as they arrive.

This is a little different year. It is not often we have a white is very WHITE! The Easter bunny has been good to us...On March 25th Reva gave us a beautiful red and white pinto stud and on March 26th Shami gave us a very nice little bay filly. March 28th our Tiffany delivered a very pretty little pinto filly. I will post their pictures on the foal page as soon as I get a chance. It is very wet and mucky outside these days as the Spring thaw has started. We would love to put the babies and Moms out to play but I guess they will have to wait awhile longer.

April has been beautiful. It always amazes me how quickly all that snow can disappear. We went from a foot of snow to green grass in a couple of days. We let the Moms and foals out to play in the sunshine a few days. The path from the barn to the pasture is quite wet yet so the babies are not quite as clean anymore. They had a ball running and playing in the muck on their way to the grass pasture, not unlike children!

On April 7th our Tut delivered a very nice pinto filly. We are not used to seeing Tut with a pinto. She is a wonderful Mom....We never have to worry about her taking good care of her babies. We are now watching Honey. She should be having her baby very soon.

April 14th - Honey gave us a beautiful pinto filly early this morning - 12:30 a.m. All is fine. This little gal was rarin' to go right away. She will keep her Mom busy, that is for sure. We will now have a bit of a break. Our next foals are due in June.

We are pleased to announce the safe arrival of foals from some of the mares we sold recently.  Lucky Seven and Prime Time produced a fine pinto colt. Congratulations to the Sukkau family. The two mares who made the journey to Belgium in January have both had their babies as well. Our Dream Girl and Prime Time produced a fine pinto colt and Precious Commodity and Prime Time produced a charming pinto filly. Congratulations to the Velduis Family.

We are having very cool, wet weather. We were ready to clip horses when it was so nice...good job we didn't. Hopefully next week will return to normal temperatures so gardens can be prepared and planted once again.  We are getting close to the arrival of more babies too so the nicer weather will be appreciated.

Our little break between foals is over. Lady Ketreina had a beautiful refined boy on May 17th. I will get a picture posted right away so you can see what a doll he is. More baby news coming soon................

May 21st...You will have to look on the Foal page to see the cute little filly Brandi had tonight. She is a full sister to Mahogany and has the same colours. This is a winning combination.

May 24th...Well our little Rocky just sired his first foal. He and Dusty produced a very lovely little sorrel filly. We are so pleased with this little gal. You can see a picture of Diva on the Foal page.

Silver in the feed bucket

May 28th...What a nice surprise this morning....Bambi delivered a nice little boy, a bit early, but all is fine. We were watching her because indications were that she would not wait until term. She sure picked a cold morning. We put a little coat on Silver because it was so cold...when I went to the barn a bit later to check he had climbed into the feed bucket so I ran for the camera. He is a few hours old in this picture.


June 3rd ...a very sad day for us. We lost our little "Frisky" to colic. He wasn't much more than 1/2 year old and was such a delightful little boy. We will miss him so much. He can be visited on our Sunrise Gardens page.

June 5th...Sugar delivered a very handsome colt this morning. We think this boy will be a copy of his Sire, Thunder.

We had a very busy day today. We took "Peanut" (SE Ladysnip PT) and Elmo (our Schnoodle) to Winnipeg to entertain the folks at one of the larger Nursing Homes there. These folks truly enjoyed this wonderful little horse...most had never seen a Miniature  before so they were quite taken by her. In the evening we took these two to the Nursing Home in Steinbach  for our annual Father's Day visit. Again, they were enjoyed by all.

We have been having so much rain here. It is unbelievable how much some areas have received. We are very fortunate in comparison. Along with the rain, we have had a number of very hot, humid days, which we Manitobans are not used to. I can't imagine having that kind of weather all the time like some of you folks do. This is the first year we have not planted a garden!

June 27th - Well we sure had a nice surprise today. Shadow (a maiden mare) who was due around mid July decided not to wait any longer. When George went out to feed their evening meal, he found this sweet little palomino filly standing beside her mama looking for her first meal. George had looked in on Shadow just before coming in for supper so she must have delivered as soon as he left. We don't miss many births, but this one we did...Mom and baby are just fine.

My goodness, I am very lax at posting news this summer. We have been busy! We were delighted to have Yvonne, Johan and Yvana come to Canada from Belgium for a nice visit. It was very exciting to meet in person after our many emails and phone calls over the past 3 years. We learned a lot about Europe and I believe they learned a lot about Canada. We are also very proud to say that the Veldhuis stable will be home to two more of our mares in the Fall.

Summer is always a busy time with visitors dropping by to see the horses. Fortunately we don't seem to have many mosquitoes again this year. Once we realized they were not going to be a problem, George was finally able to clip our babies .... It is always exciting to see what colour they really are under that baby hair. We are very pleased with all our 2005 foals. George has been busy with the breeding we and those who have had their mares bred by our stallions just have to wait til Spring 2006 to see what the stork delivers!

Fall is upon us again....not sure where the summer went. We have been busy weaning babies and preparing for winter. This has to be one of the nicest of seasons...the temperatures are great for enjoying the outdoors, no bugs and nature's colors are exceptional. Our mares going to Belgium will be leaving next week for their quarantine period. We will miss those girls but we know they will enjoy enjoy their new home.

The two mares landed in Paris, France today (Nov 19th) and we just received some pictures showing  that they are now in Belgium eating lush green grass. They are going to be wondering why they have such heavy winter coats on...certainly not needed there yet, lol. All went well on the trip and we are pleased to know they are safe and sound.

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