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The Fall of 2016 and winter of 2017 will be remembered. We didn't get our first snow until December so that certainly cut down on our Manitoba Winter. Once winter arrived we kept getting more and more snow but it was actually pretty mild weather. Of course our little ones don't care one way or the other as nature looks after them well, supplying about four inches of wool! Unfortunately some people are on flood alert this spring due to all that snow so hopefully they are spared.

George bred a couple of mares so it is always exciting to prepare for the new arrivals. One is due  later in the season so we will be able to enjoy "a Baby" for quite a few months.

We always enjoy summer activities on the farm and look forward to the visits from friends, family and horse acquaintances. I just bought some seed the other day so hopefully we will once again get some produce. The garden tends to get smaller every year (due to my thinking a "small" garden is enough).


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