Tips on Choosing a Mini

Conformation - An elegant, scaled down version of the large size horse that is stylish and well proportioned. You want your horse to be balanced and correct.

Appearance - Look for signs of general good health and vitality: a shiny coat, bright eyes and an alert attitude are some of the things you will want to see.

Bloodlines - Good quality bloodlines have proven to produce quality horses.

Action - To suit your desired need - driving, jumping etc.

Physical Abilities - Strong, athletic, good height for your chosen activity.

Color - Personal preference - they come in every conceivable equine color coat and pattern.

Temperament - Insure that he is friendly towards people, easy to work with, energetic, and will suit the desired activity.

Personality - Gentle, pleasant to work with, yet strong and athletic.

Size - Personal preference depending on activity objective. The AMHA requires that a horse be 34" and under (measured at the withers)  


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