April 2002

Well, another winter is pretty much finished. When you live in Manitoba (like many other areas I'm sure) it is always nice to say goodbye to the cold and welcome the warmth and wonderment of Spring.  The trees start to pop their buds, the grass starts to green up and the flowering shrubs and early flowers start to show signs of their beauty. But, when you raise Miniature Horses, the most exciting part of Spring is welcoming the new babies!

We have had a very busy Spring this year. Eight of our little ones had a long, exciting, journey  to Belgium to live with the Veldhuis Family. We are pleased and very excited to have them represent our bloodlines in Europe. In the past we have always enjoyed going to visit our horses when they go to a new home....but this will certainly make for a looooooong trip!  We know they are going to a wonderful home and we will miss them so very much. 

Another one of our little darlings went to B.C. to live with the Goose Family. We know our guy is going to be in good hands and hopefully we will one day get out West to visit him in his new surroundings. (it's not as far as Belgium!!!)

The first of twelve expected  foals arrived on March 26th....a bouncing baby boy, what a cutie. Number two foal wasn't too far behind, arriving on April 1st. This little guy is the first of our Thunder/Lightening daughter cross and we are very pleased with the results. (you can see them on our foals page)  We are watching the monitor closely these days. For some reason the mares are all taking their time this year. Maybe Mother Nature is telling them to wait a while as we only had a short taste of Spring and are now back to very cold weather. Hopefully the weatherman is correct in predicting warmer weather next week.

We usually tap our trees and make Manitoba Maple Syrup in the Spring as well,  but I'm afraid there was not enough time for that this year. As it turned out, with the strange weather we have encountered this Spring, there really hasn't been ideal temperatures for the sap to run anyway. If you are interested in what is involved in making maple syrup...Click here

We have two new mares arriving from Alberta this week which we are excited to add to our breeding program. Watch for them on our Mares pages.


On April 19th our third colt was born...a very striking boy. We haven't decided what color he is yet, so will look forward to that first clipping. On April 20th we got our first filly of the season, a very striking black and white pinto. Amidst the happiness, we sometimes have sorrows too and unfortunately one of our mares lost her foal. We were present, but the baby was hip locked and couldn't survive. We are lucky that Mom is doing okay. On the  21st we got our second little pinto filly. What a delight, she is very refined and petite. 

Now we will go back to watching the monitor..... 
Within a 15 hour period we got three more beautiful foals, a solid black colt, a black and white pinto filly and a chestnut filly with flaxen mane and tail. Then on May 2nd (on day 358) we got a lovely little tri-color pinto filly. This long wait was certainly worth it. The watching is over for a few weeks, finally time to get a good nights sleep. 

Hi Folks...We have had all kinds of weird weather here in Manitoba this year. Lots of flooding, winds and MOSQUITOES! It has been very hard to get to outside work around the farm as you get eaten alive. Hopefully they will be gone soon.

We had a beautiful little stud colt on July 11th. He is very special and can be seen on our foal page. One more to go......

That's all for today folks!

Hi...its September and we are still waiting for Lady to foal but I have to share our very exciting news.  Our daughter and son-in-law had twin boys on the 6th. They now have 4 beautiful boys for us to spoil.

It is very cold already in Manitoba and certainly not a common occurrence to be on foal alert but here we are! Lady Kentuckiana had her little filly on October 23rd. What a delightful little girl. She is very petite and correct and a real going concern! Being solid black with a tiny flash of white in her mane and white on the legs, she looks very much like Bond Dynamo, her Grandsire.

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