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George and I are both retired, George having had a 31-year banking career and myself having worked in various administrative positions over the years. Although we enjoyed our respective jobs, we are totally enjoying retirement. We are fortunate to be healthy and have the opportunity to raise miniature horses. If you would like to read about how we started our relationship with minis, click here for Our Mini Story.

We have been blessed with two children, a daughter and a son. The years have gone by so quickly it seems and they have grown up and started their own life journeys. Our daughter married so we gained a super son-in-law who fits right into our family. They have given us four wonderful grandsons (including twins). Unfortunately this family lives approximately 4 ½ hours away so we don't get to see them as often as we would like, but with the phone and Internet, it is easy to keep in touch. We are very proud of our family.

When we were working we spent most of our years in Winnipeg, the last 12 years on acreage just outside the City. This was where we lived when we got our first two Minis. As the children graduated and left home, it became obvious we could use a smaller house and a larger "barn" as these little horses had certainly become a major part of our lives. With this in mind, we decided to move to an area that was more conducive to raising these little equines so the looking began. In 1996 we moved to a small acreage near Steinbach in south eastern Manitoba. The City of Steinbach is a thriving community of 19,000 residents, located 55 kilometers southeast of Winnipeg at the junction of Highways 12 & 52. A total of approximately 60,000 people reside within a 15-mile radius of Steinbach. It is known as The Automobile Capital of Manitoba and people come from many miles to purchase their vehicles. The City slogan is "It's Worth the Trip". We think you'll agree.

We have a historic house, built in 1906, situated on our property that is still just like when it was last lived in. This is a major conversation piece and has some historical significance as it was used to feed and house lumbermen and their teams overnight while they traveled to and from the sawmills.

We have mature Manitoba Maple trees on our property so we learned how to make Maple Syrup. This is a yearly event but we have missed a few Springs because we were just too busy with foaling when the weather decided it was time to make the syrup. We have an old cooker that we use to boil the sap down.

We get a lot of company dropping by to see the minis year round. It is amazing how many people have never been to a farm! If they come in the winter we have to explain that under all that hair, there really is a small little horse! We also take our horses to various functions and facilities and participate in parades in the area. They are always a hit and we are happy to share our "Little Ones" with all. We have met so many wonderful people because of our association with miniature horses.

Besides our horses and a few barn cats, we have a very special dog called Buster. Buster is BIG and loves spending the days with George and the horses, in fact I think he thinks he IS a horse. Our  little "Elmo", a schnoodle (miniature poodle and miniature schnauzer cross) was our indoor dog but unfortunately died of cancer. He used to participate in a Pet Therapy Program at one of the local Nursing Homes and I have left this link live in case anyone is interested in learning about Pet Therapy programs.

As you can see, we lead a quiet but busy life. We find country living and raising our minis so peaceful and rewarding!!! If ever you are in our area, give us a call and drop by. We would love to be your "affection connection" and share our 4-legged friends with you too.

I hope you enjoy this little slide show of our family.




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"  The past gives us experience and memories; the present gives us challenges and opportunities; the future gives us vision and hope."
William Arthur Ward (1921-1994) Journalist


"  Love brings light into the world."
Rumi (1207-1273) Poet

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